Harry Potter Day in Junior School Library

Harry Potter Day in Junior School Library

On Thursday 4th February, the Bolton School of Magic held a special lesson in the Junior Library.

Led by Professor Caller, Librarian, pupils entered the lesson and after a reading of the Sorting Hat song, were sorted into the four Hogwarts houses. After each girl was welcomed into their House by their fellows, the Lesson began.

FMonstrous book of Monstersirst, Professor Caller determined the level of expertise of each pupil by introducing them to the Monster Book of Monsters. This dangerous book was released especially from the Chained Library where it usually resides, IMG_0431chained for the protection of potential readers. Pupils correctly identified the correct way to safely open the book (gaining House Points in the process).



Next, Professor Caller asked pupils general knowledge questions about the Harry Potter books and was very impressed by their IMG_0436level of expertise, again giving House Points along the way, ably assisted by the House Prefects, who used the Muggle technology of the Whiteboard most confidently.


Pupils then IMG_0442appointed a House Champion from each House to participate in a Magical duel (with genuine wands!).  The young witches valiantly cast spells which made their opponent ‘dance’, ‘bound them fast’, ‘tickled them’ and ‘gave them hideous boils’. The watching pupils gasped in horror at the fast-paced duel.

Ravenclaw eventually won the House Championship, proving the importance of knowledge, learning and books. (Any suggestion that Professor Caller was in any way impartial are entirely unfounded.

Finally,  pupils were given homework and are reminded that any student failing to hand their work in on time will be sent to dust the Chained Library, overseen by Mr Filch!


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