A Faustian tale of greed and wickedness – what would you do with God-like powers?

A Faustian tale of greed and wickedness – what would you do with God-like powers?


I have just finished reading the first in the Graphic Novel series ‘The Wicked + The Divine: The Faust Act.

The premise for this book (aimed at 15+) is that ‘Every 90 years 12 Gods return as young people. They are loved. They are hated. In two years, they are all dead. It’s happening now. It’s happening again.’

The story follows a young teenage girl, Laura, who meets the Pantheon and befriends ‘Luci’ a David Bowie like pop star with the demonic powers of ‘Lucifer’ himself. Other Gods within the Pantheon include ‘Amaterasu, Sakhmet, Baphomet and the Morrigan. We are gradually introduced to the other Gods as the narrative unravels.

These young Gods are unsurprisingly pop stars with all of the adoration and glamour this entails. Of course, ‘with great Power comes great responsibility’ but the characters in this story are hedonistic and end up having to face the consequences of their actions.

I really enjoyed the book, although I admit to frantically googling the characteristics of the Gods! I was particularly entertained by ‘Luci’s’ resemblance to David Bowie. There were other references to current events/attitudes making this a clever retelling targeted at an intelligent reader.

The graphic novel was clearly laid out and well-paced. I look forward to watching ‘Dr Faustus’ this week and comparing the Elizabethan reworking of the Faust legend to the 21st century retelling.

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