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Hogwarts, mysterious turret rooms and creepy dolls

Hogwarts, mysterious turret rooms and creepy dolls


On 7th May we were delighted to welcome Frances Hardinge to come and talk to some Year 8 and 9 classes in the Girls’ Division. She told us about her Carnegie nominated book Cuckoo Song and newly published book (on the day of the event) The Lie Tree.  We were also joined by students from Turton School, Smithills School and Bolton Muslim Girls School.

The event was kindly organised by Ebb & Flo books in Chorley and Macmillan Publishers. Unfortunately we weren’t able to offer the event to all students due to exam timetabling. We’re sorry if you missed out but it is still possible to borrow the books, please ask in the Library for more information. A full write up of the event can be found here.

Whilst she was here I showed Frances around the School, she later tweeted that it was ‘Hogwarts.’ I told her about the Turret Library and the mysterious unknown room with a window above the Library. Since Frances gets her ideas from ‘everywhere’ I suggest we watch this space to see if the School appears in a parallel universe next time!

If you haven’t yet read the books I’d like to encourage you to do so. The Lie Tree is a creepy murder mystery set in 19th Century England where the main character, Faith, is a feisty girl challenges the constraints of Victorian femininity. The idea of the Lie Tree is particularly interesting as unlike in other stories, lies are not ‘punished’ or seen as necessarily ‘wrong’ and instead are used to unmask the killer.

I’m part-way through Cuckoo Song and have already decided it’s not a good book to read just as I go to sleep. If you’re a fan of Dr Who, you’ll enjoy Frances Hardinge- she uses the same malevolent twisting of reality, with porcelain, speaking dolls and doppelgangers. Earlier books feature glass-like faces where characters can only speak the truth and vindictive fairies that demand that children who use the coins from a magic well grant everyone’s wishes…

Exploring the Protestant Martyrs

Exploring the Protestant Martyrs

21st March 1556: Thomas Cranmer burns at the stake

BBC History magazine March 2015


The March edition of BBC History magazine includes an article about the burning of Henry VIII’s Archbishop, Thomas Cranmer, with an illustration taken from the 1563 editon of John Foxe’s Acts and Monuments, known as ‘The Book of Martyrs’.



Among our Chained Library and Special Collections, which have been donated to the school, can be found three volumes of the 1684 edition of this work, including the volume that lists Cranmer and the other protestant martyrs who were burnt at the stake during the reign of Mary Tudor.

Countdown to Christmas with the Library Advent Calendar

Countdown to Christmas with the Library Advent Calendar

Library Advent Calender

Every day a new book recommended by pupils will be revealed.

1st December

Goth Girl


Goth Girl by Chris Riddell is “a fascinating book about a girl called Ada Goth”






2nd December

Where Rainbows End



Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern is “gripping” and the “suspense is good”.

Isabel and Ayesha.





Come and see each new recommendation as it is revealed in the Girls’ Main Library.

Bolton Children’s Fiction Award 2015

Bolton Children’s Fiction Award 2015

The countdown begins…


The shortlist for the 2015 Award will be announced on Friday 3rd Ocotober from 1.30-2.10 at Bolton School. The winner is then up to you. Read all the books and pick your favourites.

Voting will take place in May 2015 and the winner announced June 2015.

Vist the Fiction Award blog page after the launch to find out more about the

National Poetry Day 2014

National Poetry Day 2014

National Poetry Day is on Thursday 2nd October.

As part of this there will be poetry readings in the LSL between 1.30 and 2.00. If you have a favourite poem you can read it, or else come and hear others read. All are welcome.
Get involved nationally: Tweet your favourite poems using #thinkofapoem. This year’s theme is ‘Remember’.
You can find out more about National Poetry Day and The Poetry Society by clicking these links.


Man Booker Prize Shortlist Announced

Man Booker Prize Shortlist Announced

The shortlist for the Man Booker Prize was announced yesterday and copies of every title will be available in the Girls’ Main Library. Obviously the Boys’ Division are welcome to use the interlibrary loan system if they would like to read them. Please just ask a member of Library staff. Click on each front cover to take you to the relevant Man Booker Prize website page for further information.

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